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CDE IEP Implementation Requirements

The new CDE IEP Implementation Requirements are in effect as of Spring 2023 and many LEA’s are still looking for ways to document all special education services in order to meet the requirements to report the number of students who had more or less than 90% of their services implemented during each review period.

Brolly has met with LEAs searching for a tool to support these new requirements and we’re built to help! Our system was designed to provide a digital way to track, visualize and report all IEP services and goal progress. Our functionality meets all expectations outlined in the letter from CDE in December 2022.

How the Brolly Aligns with the Requirements

Brolly is a one stop shop for all your IEP service documentation and allows districts to log, store, visualize, and export all IEP services district wide. We are committed to maintaining service tracking and reporting functionality compliant with CDE’s implementation requirements. 

Key Functionality

Log IEP services

Brolly’s data entry allows users to enter data in bulk, or record services occur on the go, depending on their workflow preference. Logs include date and time, goal serviced, description of service, location of service, the option to mark a student absent,  the option to mark the service as billable, and more.

Monitor service implementation

Brolly’s dashboards provide visibility into IEP implementation district-wide. Track service minutes against required minutes and ensure implementation for all students. Keep tabs on LRE, help ensure FAPE and maintain the data necessary for CDE’s reporting requirements.

Generate reports

Brolly provides a robust report center that allows users to generate bulk reports for student service, student detail reports, absent reports, usage reports and more. When CDE finalizes their reporting requirements, Brolly will create a report in a compliant format.  If CDE allows for electronic reporting, we will transmit the report data electronically.

Easy set up

Brolly eliminates dual data entry and manual set up by working with your LEA to extract student and goal data from your special education managment system. We are system agnostic and have a variety of methods to pull data from your system into Brolly.

Log student progress

Brolly also provides optional goal monitoring functionality for LEAs who wish to pair service tracking and progress monitoring in a single platform. Monitor student progress in a few easy clicks!

Monitor student progress

The result? A clear look at every student in your LEA with data to support communication with stakeholders and improve student outcomes.

Medi-Cal Billing

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