Streamline your data collection process and improve compliance oversight.

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Standardize your data collection process

Teachers & providers log services and progress towards IEP goals through form-based fields, in under a minute. The data collected in these forms feed real-time dashboards and reports. Break down silos, empower collaboration, and support data-driven decision making through modernized IEP goal tracking.

Standardize your data collection process

Sample student service tracking log.

Proactively identify compliance gaps

Brolly student information dashboard.

Proactively identify compliance gaps

Uncover important information at-a-glance in an interactive dashboard. Get a pulse on which IEP goals are at-risk, reveal coaching opportunities and identify compliance concerns early. View cross-district information or filter by school, teacher, or progress status.

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Respond to stakeholder requests quickly

You may spend hours aggregating service data and progress monitored from excel sheets, sticky pads, and binders to respond to a parent request. With Brolly, you can export student specific reports when you need them. Get peace of mind knowing your team is providing services, with clear documentation to share with stakeholders.

Respond to stakeholder requests quickly

Sample of the Student detail report.

Get confident with compliance

No one likes blind spots. We help schools and districts take a proactive approach to compliance.

Brolly consolidates documentation of services and progress into one seamless app, providing administrators a real-time pulse on important aspects of IDEA compliance across their district.


I have not found a better way to ensure compliance in special education.”

“We have been able to pull full departments into compliance and increase student achievement scores because we are accurately tracking services, progress monitoring, and embedding that work in our data driven instruction cycle.”

– Darin Knicely

“It has been a great way for us to track, monitor and report. Prior to that, everything was in a spreadsheet”

“The last ten years a lot of the state complaints and legal issues have centered around compliance, and now they’re going to center around learning gains and implementing the IEP… [Brolly], in my mind, is our answer for that, long-term.”

– Anna O’Connor-Morin
Director of Education and Instruction

Improve Student Achievement

Improve Student Achievement

Without transparency into services and progress, it’s difficult to understand the spectrum of IEP implementation, identify coaching opportunities, or adjust approaches within your districts. Brolly not only provides this visibility, we aggregate the data in a way that enables users to identify trends and make proactive choices.

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