Customer Stories

Brolly partners with special education leaders in more than 85 school districts across 28 states.

“The most noteworthy thing I like about Brolly has been the supervision aspect. I have the capability to generate reports to verify that teachers are consistently recording their services promptly.

I can add comments and observations to offer constructive feedback to our staff regarding the quality of their notes."

Brandi Huling

Special Education Director, Hynes Charter Network

“We were looking for a way to track services provided by a myriad of team members for a single student, without placing the whole burden on the case manager.”

Brolly allowed multiple users, for the right price point for our small district, and simple reporting as well as simple logging for our instructional team.

Julia Reese

Director of Equity & Student Outcomes, Pixley Union School District

Learn why these districts and charter networks chose Brolly, how they've successfully introduced Brolly in their schools, and best practices for implementation.


Streamlined Service Tracking in Pixley Union

See how one school district in California has consolidated the efforts of multiple team members providing services for a single student by documenting in Brolly.

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Centralized Tracking at Hynes Charter

A question and answer series with Director of Special Education, Brandi Hueling. Learn what brought Hynes to Brolly, most used features, and recommendations for new schools and districts.

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Pullman Public Schools Customer Story


Peace of Mind in Pullman

See how one school district leveraged Brolly to create consistency in service tracking and progress monitoring, ensuring compliance even in a global pandemic.

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Tips for Brolly Success in Springfield City

Learn how one district in Ohio used a pilot approach to successfully introduce Brolly, build buy-in, and ensure a smooth district-wide adoption.

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