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Log services in an app

Educators can enter data from their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. They simply select the student or students from their caseload, choose the associated IEP goals, service setting and add session notes (or use a custom template to auto-populate these fields). Brolly even provides the students’ specific IEP goal description next to each goal name. No jumping back and forth between platforms (or sticky notes) when logging services.

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Progress monitor with ease

Sample student progress assessment log.

Progress monitor with ease

With Brolly, progress can be monitored for goals, objectives and benchmarks. Like service logs, providers select the relevant IEP Goal(s). They’re then prompted to input the assessment used, assessment score, goal progress and notes. The results are added to the students’ data dashboard, which combines service logs and progress monitoring on a timeline for at-a-glance information on student progress, enabling providers and administrators to proactively course correct and share data with key stakeholders.

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Log for Multiple Students Simultaneously

Sample student log.

Providers can input notes once and instantly apply it to each student in a group session.  Brolly automatically creates independent service logs for each student, helping your educators reduce duplicate entry.

Create Custom Templates

Sample of the information that's saved in a template.

Efficiently log services for regularly-scheduled sessions. Students, start & end time, applicable IEP goals and service setting are all automatically added to a service or progress log when the template is selected.

No Duplicate Entry

Sample Goal Text in the Brolly Interface

We will automatically import key data from your existing data management system. Providers can see up-to-date IEP goal text when logging services & progress.

“Nationally, the pendulum is swinging. The last ten years a lot of the state complaints and legal issues have centered around compliance, and now they’re going to center around learning gains and implementing the IEP. So districts are going to be looking for other ways to document district gains. Athlos, in my mind, is our answer for that, long-term.”
Anna O'Connor-Morin

Director of Education and Instruction

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