Service Fulfillment Tracking

Why to use Brolly to track fulfillment of IEP services?

Brolly is a one stop shop for all your IEP service tracking and allows districts to log, store, visualize, and export all IEP services district wide. Our Plus offering allows schools to track service minutes and student progress by IEP goal and service area. This is a great start toward better data transparency and compliance, but we know some schools want to take it one step further! 

With our Service Fulfillment Tracking module available in our Premier tier, Brolly incorporates required service minutes for each student from your district IEP system and allows users to track % completion of minutes in order to identify and address gaps in service. 

Service Fulfillment Module

Log IEP services

Brolly’s data entry allows users to enter data in bulk, or record services occur on the go, depending on their workflow preference. Logs include date and time, goal(s) addressed, benchmarks addressed, a service notes field, location of service, the option to mark a student absent, and more.

Monitor service implementation

Brolly’s dashboards provide visibility into IEP implementation district-wide. Track service minutes against required minutes and ensure implementation for all students. Keep tabs on LRE, help ensure FAPE and maintain the data necessary for reporting requirements.

Generate reports

Brolly provides a robust report center that allows users to generate bulk reports for student service, student detail reports, absent reports, usage reports and more. Brolly regularly adds new reports and formats, so if you have a unique need, just ask!

Easy set up

Brolly offers districts the option to extract student services data from your special educaiton management system or set services an minutes manually. We are system agnostic and have a variety of methods to pull data from your system into Brolly.

Log student progress

Brolly also provides complementary and optional goal monitoring functionality for districts who wish to pair service fulfillment tracking and progress monitoring in a single platform. Progress monitoring in Brolly is a breeze and can be completed in just a few clicks.

Monitor student services and progress

The result? Powerful student stories emerge in Brolly. Because we align services and progress by goal our dashboards provide clear look at every student in your district with data to support communication with stakeholders and improve student outcomes.

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