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Athlos Special Education Logs rebrands as Brolly

June 27, 2022 – Boise, ID

Athlos Special Education Logs, a quickly growing IEP goal tracking software, has spun off from Athlos Education and is now Brolly! The app, used in schools and districts across the nation, streamlines IEP compliance with simple service tracking and progress monitoring, real-time analytics and reporting.

After experiencing explosive growth in the last two years, Brolly’s president identified the need to update the brand to better align with its focused vision – To build a company dedicated to helping special education departments be successful. 

Brolly is committed to supporting special education departments by unifying data collection and compliance around IEP goals.  By designing software around the user, Brolly simplifies data collection while enhancing transparency and oversight.

“Brolly is a term used for umbrella in the UK, and it completely aligns with what we’re doing to support special education. Special education programs are required to collect data relating to IEP services and progress, but there’s a lack of modern tools that support these efforts,” said Brolly President, Abby Fereday,

“Many districts have teachers using spreadsheets, notepads, sticky notes- whatever’s on hand to take session notes.” Fereday continued, “Brolly helps unify data collection and present it in a way that empowers data-driven decision making.  Our message really is ‘we’ve got you covered’. We’re on your team. We’re here to support you in streamlining IEP compliance.”

Brolly is powered by the same team that created and supported the app since its inception. Customers will continue to experience hands-on onboarding and customer support from our partner success team.


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