Brolly is officially a CASE Endorsed Product

April 24, 2023

Brolly Special Education Logs is officially endorsed by the Council of Administrators for Special Education (CASE). The prestigous endorsement is the result of a rigorous evaluation conducted by CASE’s Product Review Committee (PRC) over the course of nearly two years.

The CASE Executive Committee provides leadership in advancing research-based practices in special education administration that are highly correlated to improved student outcomes. The appointed Product Review Committee (PRC) is made up of special education experts and educators with a deep understanding of what special education staff and students need in order to succeed and extensive experience reviewing and evaluating special education tools to help meet those needs.

The review examined all aspects of Brolly, both as an organization as well as our product. The rubric evaluated areas including Brolly’s product purpose, target market / user, product feasibility, research base, product research, quality of product research, satisfaction and reputation, and alignment with the CASE mission to impact the quality of education of students with learning differences.

During their review, the CASE Product Committee found Brolly to have:

    • Clear application as a special education management and documentation solution.
    • Clear connections between product functions, claims, and benefits and current research in the field of special education.
    • Specific evidence of the product’s effectiveness with current customers.
    • Quality track record in providing administrative products/tools for special education teams.
    • Clear description of the systems and support for optimal implementation.
    • Satisfaction data evidencing how the product meets customer expectations.
    • Evidence of the research base supporting the development of the product.
Brolly logo

Brolly is a unique solution that streamlines IEP service tracking and goal monitoring to support IDEA compliance, and empowers teachers and administrators with the data to enhance student outcomes. It is an web and mobile solution that saves teachers time, builds their capacity to use data to inform instruction, and provides administrators visibility into service provision and student progress district or organization wide.  

Brolly Special Education logs helps special education teams by:

  • Streamlining the tracking of IEP services and goal progress for teachers and related service providers. Data entry allows for both single logs and bulk data entry, depending on a user’s workflow preference and role in the district. 
  • Supporting administrators in their efforts to ensure IEP compliance and maintain better visibility into service provision, LRE, and student progress and acheivement. 
  • Supporting interoperability with other data management systems. Brolly is IEP managment system agnostic and works with districts to pull data from any system into Brolly for goal monitoring and service tracking.
  • Providing visibility into service provision and student progress via interactive dashboards, alerts, notifications and exportable reports. 
  • Ensuring reporting compliance in states that have mandated the tracking and reporting of IEP services (i.e. CDE’s new requirements as of Spring 2023).
  • Delivering high-quality support, professional development and implementation strategies that improve IEP compliance and support use of data to improve outcomes for students. 

    Brolly thoroughly appreciated the time and energy CASE’s product endorsement committee invested into understanding our product as well as our mission and vision as an organization.  The PRC provides valuable third-party expertise to assist product selection processes when looking for high-quality, research-based tools to improve teacher efficacy and student outcomes. 

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